Verdi – The force of destiny

February 3rd, 2018

Giuseppe Verdi’s La Forza del Destino — The Force of Destiny — is an opera that can leave even diehard Verdi lovers shaking their heads. Its story can be as   confounding as the music is compelling, with a plot in which a single, unfortunate happenstance drives characters to lifetimes of incomprehensible behavior. There’s one character who travels the world, braving war and desolation, in an obsessive quest to murder his own sister.

And the production? Verdi’s opera is a predominantly dark-hued tragedy, with a grim, historical setting — but it does have contrasting moments of gaiety and spectacle, provided by a high-spirited gypsy woman and her band of lusty camp followers. In the rolle of Preziosilla gypsy woman is Terezija Kusanovic.


What is interesting about this opera are the legends surrounding it. To be more precise, there is a kind of curse following it (not exactly like  Shake speare’s ‘Macbeth’), but some singers do not like to accept roles in it. Luciano Pavarotti never sang in it because of this fear, and the rumors of a curse took off in the sixties in Metropolitan, when an American baritone died of a stroke while singing precisely about it – the death.

The conductor Ivo Lipanovic says: “We have no fear, although we had various accidents. These accidents are likely to accompany any show. For example, right at the beginning of our work director’s collaborator broke her leg. However, for us the most important thing is that the audience not be superstitious.”


Croatian national theatre Split, february 3rd (6 p.m.) and  february 5th (7.30 p.m.)