Teresa as Carmen again

February 3rd, 2017

Bizet’s “Carmen” is a work that Split always awaits with great interest and impatience. The love between Split and “Carmen” started in the year 1894 with the first complete performance in Split, and was confirmed in the recent days when a full theater received the new premier with joy and excitement.

The merit goes to all the participant in equal parts, but the first among equals is maestro Robert Homen. Director Dora Ruzdjak Podolski has created and presented a show into which the spectator easily immerses himself, in large part owing to her traditionally precise and clean directing.

Mezzo-soprano from Split Theresa Kusanovic impressed the audience with her rich, balanced and warm voice, and with her convincing performance of audacious, brave and naughty, but at the same time sensual and gentle Carmen. She dominated the scene with her energy and the true sense of proportion of her vocal and scenic expression, displaying all nuances of such a complex and impressive character. She was direct and convincing n communication with her partners and straightforward towards the audience.