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1993 – 2013
- Music for the song “Fundamenat” (text by Darko Kusanović) performed by male vocal group Braciera from Bol – FDK Omis 2011
- Music for the song “Moreta” (text by Darko Kusanović): 2nd prize of the jury in 2010, performed by a mixed Klapa “Versi” Split – FDK Omis 2010
- Music for the song “Di je” (text by Darko Kusanović), performed by male klapa “Sufit” Split – FDK Omis 2009
- Music for the song “Za dite moje nerojeno” (text by Darko Kusanović), performed by male klapa “Cambi” from Kastel Kambelovac – FDK Omis 1998
- Several new songs on poems by Vlasta Vrandečić Lebarić at FDK Omis (published in the edition Leut)
- Recording songs and traditions of Holy Week in Omis
- Processing chants of Holy Week and performance with klapa “Puntari” and church choir of Saint Michael Parish in Omis
- Processing and performance of old tunes and their audio recording
- Producer of sacred concerts (traditional Christmas choir concerts with guests from the world of pera), and concerts of popular secular songs
at home and abroad
- Producer of the album “Disperadun”, featuring works by Zdenko Runjić (Porin Awards)


International competition