65th Split summer festival – Requiem

July 15th, 2019

Sjaš, svijetliš, svemiriš me” are the verses by Tonci Petrasov Marovic that are  inacribed on the tombstone of this great Croatian poet. Made by the academic sculptor Loren Zivkovic Kuljis it is, at the same time, also a reminder of the destruction of the Sustipan graveyard in Split 60 years ago. The monument is adorm the eastern wall, next to the entrance to the former graveyard. For this occasion the opera ensamble of the HNK Split was perform the immortal Requiem by W. A. Mozart on the grounds of what was once the Sustipan graveyard.
Performers was Antonija Teskera – soprano, Thereza Kusanovic – mezzo-soprano, Boze Juric Pesic – tenor, Ivica Cikes – bass.

Conductor: Ivo Lipanovic